JetApp Private Flight relies on comprehensive protection from COVID-19

Reach your destination safely and far away from all coronavirus worries with JetApp!

Individual countries’ restrictions required because of coronavirus, constantly changing safety measures, inconsistent shutdown and lockdown rules, as well as sudden border closures result in numerous flight cancellations and significantly reduced routes offered by airlines. This development makes many people look for an alternative, which they find in private flights because restrictions are barely noticeable there. So it becomes apparent why a private jet makes increasing sense for all those who need to reach their business destinations and goals, who do not want to do without private travel, or finally want to see friends and family abroad.

Considering the many professionals who previously traveled to business meetings, training courses, seminars, and conventions all over the world using business jets, who have been confined to working from home for several months, having to do their work via video conference or phone calls, as well as numerous canceled events organized by the event industry, a huge fleet of private aircraft has become available practically overnight to those whose travel plans were ruined by applicable restrictions but who do not want to accept this without an alternative.

Whether for business or pleasure, ambitious travelers are increasingly taking advantage of the situation and are booking a private jet. They travel to their business meetings, for a long-awaited vacation, or to their nearest and dearest without worrying about coronavirus, benefiting from the currently extensive availability of private flights at extremely attractive prices.

Have a look at the following table showing coronavirus-related restrictions on scheduled flights (by no means exhaustive), and decide for yourself whether you want to be one of those travelers who reach their destinations carefree with JetApp private flights.


JetApp private flights

Scheduled and charter flights

Route network

Freely available

Significantly limited owing to coronavirus


Freely selectable, even small, regional airports can be used

Significantly limited owing to coronavirus

Departure times

Freely selectable, can be changed at short notice

Many flight cancellations owing to coronavirus

Return flight

Guaranteed. If required, we can leave the aircraft at your destination so that you can return at any time you choose.

Because of coronavirus, even a booked return flight is no guarantee that it will actually take place

Luggage, quantity and weight

Free up to the maximum capacity of the luggage compartment, even several pieces of hand luggage are allowed inside the cabin

Hand luggage reduced because of coronavirus, weight and quantity of checked luggage is always limited or requires high additional charges


General Aviation Terminal (GAT), small, easy to understand area, no queuing, no crowds during check-in or security checks

Social distancing rules owing to coronavirus result in long queues in usually highly frequented halls. Longer waiting times during check-in, the recommended minimum distance can often not be complied with.


Parking in the direct vicinity of the GAT

Longer journeys and additional time have to be included in planning


Quick processing, required arrival time at the GAT only a few minutes before departure

Arrival at the terminal several hours before the scheduled departure because of coronavirus

Transfer bus

Minibus exclusively for your flight from the GAT to your private aircraft

Because of coronavirus, more distance between passengers is required, therefore more buses and more time required



Coronavirus-related restrictions result in significant waiting times and long queues

Face covering on board

In small groups of people, if desired, but voluntary

Mandatory during the entire flight

Air quality on board

Best air quality because the used air is continuously replaced with fresh air

Good air quality, thanks to modern filter systems that treat the used air and enrich it with fresh air


Comfortable, movable seats, plenty of leg room, a lot of distance

Cramped seating arrangement, little leg room, recommended distancing rules cannot always be complied with


According to your wishes and needs. The best products, carefully selected and lovingly prepared

Abandoned because of coronavirus, possibly a snack or prepacked lunch

Time required

(entire journey)

Kept to a minimum

Significant additional waiting times need to be included in planning because of coronavirus

Points of contact (entire journey)

Average of 20, based on experience

Average of 700, based on experience

Risk of infection with COVID-19

Low number of contacts

Increased number of contacts

Compared with scheduled flights, this results

in a decreased risk of infection by about 97% on a private plane journey

Be it the limousine service, GAT, VIP lounge, aircraft, or crew, in the private flight sector, all required coronavirus precautions are implemented.

In compliance with guidelines specified by health authorities, trained cleaning and service staff, carefully using certified hygiene products and disinfectants, ensures maximum safety for travelers all over the world.

In the private jets’ cabins, state-of-the-art air circulation systems guarantee a continuous supply of fresh air and therefore a consistently high air quality, on the ground as well as during the flight.

The entire crew regularly undergoes comprehensive testing (PCR, IgG, and IgM method) and is subject to strict protocoled health monitoring. Stringent hygiene rules are complied with, this includes wearing a face covering and adhering to social distancing, of course.

In-flight service and presentation of catering are currently allowed to deviate from the standard to allow for social distancing and to strictly reduce contact to a minimum.

We have all the required hygiene products available for your time on board. We request you comply with current hygiene rules as well as social distancing toward the crew.

All these precautions are our contribution to comprehensive protection from infection. We want you to enjoy all the benefits of your private flight at all times, carefree and relaxed.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions or would like a personal consultation.

Philipp Schlüren

Managing Director