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Private Jet Pricing: How Much Does a Private Flight Cost?

Flying by private jet is comfortable and convenient in many ways. You are free to choose your destination regardless of commercial flight plans, and enjoy the best possible service and safety standards – both on the ground and in the air. When renting a private jet, there are several additional costs besides the aeroplane itself – such as fuel, airway fees and personnel. Here, you can gain an overview of what the cost of our private jets is based on.

How Much Does a Private Jet Cost and What Does the Price Include

The price of a private jet is based on several different factors. Alongside the cost of the jet itself, it also covers usage of the aviation infrastructure and airports, payment of the crew, additional costs for catering, and shuttle or helicopter services on the ground.

The following expenses are included in the private jet hire cost:

  • The cost of the private jet itself
  • Fuel
  • Airway fees
  • Airport fees
  • Clearance charges
  • Storage costs
  • Crew
  • Passenger safety costs
  • Extra costs such as catering and, where necessary, ground transport

Private Plane Costs

When hiring a private jet, there are first and foremost the costs associated with the aircraft itself. How high these costs are depend on the size and type of the private plane – and can therefore vary greatly. The more passengers flying and the more high-class the jet, the more expensive it will be. The costs can be compared to car rental, and are made up of the following:

  • Depreciation
  • Maintenance and servicing
  • Insurance

Jet Pricing and Fuel Costs

In order to calculate the overall price of a private plane, it is also necessary to account for fuel costs. This varies depending on consumption per aircraft as well as on the route to be flown. Again, it depends on the type of aircraft and how much fuel it requires. The length of the route also plays a part. The approximate duration of the flight can be calculated based on the average speed, and the fuel costs can also be determined this way. This is usually already included in the price of the jet.

Airway Fees: Private Jet Costs for Air Travel

Every private jet flight incurs costs for use of the aviation infrastructure. These are referred to as airway fees and are comparable to motorway tolls for cars. These fees must be paid in order to be allowed to fly. The amount due depends on the weight of the aircraft and the length of the route to be flown. The rates also vary from country to country.

Airport Fees at Launch and Landing Sites

Airport costs are also incurred at both the take-off and landing sites. Airport fees enable usage of the airfield for both take-off and landing as well as the facilities and luggage belt. Some locations also charge an air passenger tax depending on the route covered. An entry fee may also be charged depending on the country.

Airport Clearance Charges

The cost of a private jet charter must also take clearance charges into account. There are usually special handling companies working on the ground who are responsible for refuelling and cleaning the jets, maintaining crew lounges and operating ground transport for passengers. All of these services are covered in the fees.

Storage Costs: Parking the Private Jet

If you are arriving by private jet and want to park it somewhere until you depart, storage costs will apply. The concept is similar to car parking fees: you pay for a parking space for the aircraft. So, if there is a stopover between flights, storage costs will be added to the jet price.

Crew Costs as Part of the Private Jet Hire Price

Every aircraft needs a crew to be able to take passengers from one place to the next. The cost of private jet rental therefore covers payment of the flight crew. Most private aircraft require two pilots; only a few very small models can manage with just one. Depending on the number of passengers and their requirements, a flight attendant may also be present. The flight crew receives their basic salary, but travel expenses, accommodation and food are also covered. All of these elements make up the total crew costs.

Passenger Safety Costs per Passenger

For every passenger present at take-off, there is a safety fee to pay. This is calculated into the cost of the jet based on the number of passengers but also on the take-off and landing regions. Within the EU, passenger safety fees tend to be lower in comparison to flights outside of the EU.

Additional Costs for a Charter Flight

In most cases, a private jet charter flight incurs some additional costs. This includes, for example, a catering fee for meals on board. Helicopters, limousine services and taxis to bring passengers to and from the airport also cost extra.

Private Jet Costs for One-Way Flights

As well as a roundtrip, it is also possible to book a one-way flight by private jet. It is important to note that the private jet price increases if the aircraft has to return to the starting point without any passengers on board. Even without passengers on board, aircraft and fuel costs as well as crew costs, airport fees and the use of air traffic infrastructure are all part of the return flight; the return flight therefore costs almost as much as the outbound flight. This does not include storage costs, passenger safety charges and any additional costs for the return flight.

Maximum Convenience and Flexibility with a Private Jet

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