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Business Flight: Arrive to Your Next Appointment with Executive Jet Travel

Fancy avoiding long waiting times and enjoying flexible travel from A to B during your working day? In that case, steering clear of conventional flights and instead chartering a business jet may be the ideal option for you. That way, you’re not limited to the strict flight plan of a commercial airline, but rather you decide when your flight should depart. Fly in comfort for both long and short journeys and arrive at your destination without any complications.

Choosing a Business Jet over Normal Business Class

In the world of business, it is often difficult to integrate all important business flights into a stress-free schedule. Even a perfectly organised assistant can get distressed by the various airline timetables. For this, a chartered business jet is the best solution and the advantages of which are obvious.

Since you are not tied to any specific flight plan, simply create your own flight plan together with JetApp. Perhaps you’d prefer a stopover in Geneva (LSGG) or a detour via Nice (LFMN); this can simply be cleared up with your business jet pilot. Smaller airports can also be chartered into the flight plan. Regardless if you’re in a remote or a central location, the choice is yours. Don’t hesitate to request uncommon destinations that suit your personal schedule the best.

In addition to this, taking business partners or colleagues along with you is of course no problem. Due to the varying sizes of the aircraft, you are not limited to a certain number of passengers, but rather, you can choose your executive jet in accordance with your company’s requirements.

Forget about canteen food! You now have the opportunity to enjoy a top quality meal on board. The business people of today can arrive at their destination feeling both rested and invigorated after a business jet flight and ready for the upcoming meetings and events.

There are many more advantages to business jet hire: comfort, punctuality, personal time and space, and flexible travel. The result: happy and satisfied business travellers who are prepared to give their all for the company, because their energy is not wasted on unnecessary travel and waiting times.

The advantages as a passenger of a private business jet continue upon arrival with personal care included such as:

  • Reservation of your preferred hotel
  • Reservation of a table at your desired restaurant
  • Organisation of a transfer service to and from the airport

Also at your disposal is a limousine service, a helicopter service, or a taxi; simply choose the most convenient option for you.

What Costs Does a Business Jet Entail?

There are many advantages to chartering an executive jet for business purposes; flexible mobility at a premium level is just one of the many benefits. Similarly to flying business class with a commercial airline, it is the comfort, the quality service and the various other advantages that determine the price. A breakdown of the cost of a business jet charter is as follows:

Firstly, the cost of the business jet itself is included, then comes the maintenance, the servicing, and the insurance. The exact sum of this varies depending on the type of aircraft. In addition to this, the cost of the fuel is included; the exact amount of fuel used depends on the flight route and the duration. The weather conditions also play a role in the amount of fuel consumed. It may be necessary to avoid bad weather conditions by circling around them and therefore prolonging the journey and adding to the amount of fuel used.

Secondly, there are the so-called airway fees, and the cost of the use of the air transport. These are similar to tolls on motorways.

Furthermore, there are the airport and clearance charges at both the departure and arrival airports – these are also known as handling charges. Passenger handling includes the security check, the loading and unloading of the luggage and the check-in.

Activities such as refuelling the executive jet, cleaning the cabin and the bathrooms, refilling the fresh water and the serving of fresh meals on board are other aspects of the handling process of a business jet.

A so-called passenger safety cost is also charged. This figure largely depends on the number of passengers on board the business jet flight.

Added to this, are the potential storage costs for the business jet. This again may depend on the size of the aircraft and the length of time it will be “parked”, so to speak. In principle, these costs are similar to the parking charges of a car in a public car park – except on a larger scale.

Finally, the cabin crew also come at a price. They are after all the core of every business jet flight. While the pilot takes care of bringing you safely to your destination, the service staff look after all your needs throughout the flight. If desired, you can bring your own food; the catering costs are not included in the initial price.

Top Connections for Executive Jets

Some of the most common connecting airports for business jets are as follows:

  • Geneva ✈ Paris Le Bourget
  • Paris Le Bourget ✈ Geneva
  • Nice ✈ Paris Le Bourget
  • Paris Le Bourget ✈ Nice
  • Milan ✈ Rome

Business Jet Hire: A Stress-Free Experience

When opting for a premium experience with executive jet travel, you will receive a comprehensive service. Our customers don’t need to worry about a thing, and will be delivered ready for their working day. The quality of an executive charter flight can be seen in its luxury features; short waiting times, personal service, no transfers and punctual departures all contribute to a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.

When it comes to commercial flights, these quality standards are not feasible due to the large number of passengers. However, with executive jet travel, the staff are prepared to focus entirely on each individual passenger; this excellent service comes included in the price. In addition to this, there is no danger of strikes or delays or missing connecting flights. Stressful and rushed transfers are now a thing of the past.

A business jet offers mobility without borders that is tailored towards each individual customer. Careful planning and support will ensure an enjoyable flight from, for example, Paris Le Bourget (LFPB) to Rome Ciampino (LIRA). The highest possible safety standards guarantee a safe and secure arrival at your destination.

In case you have some extra time at your arrival airport, some airports offer a special business lounge or a VIP area for premium guests; here, you can enjoy a comfortable and relaxing start to your day.

Booking Method for your Business Jet with JetApp

You simply make a flight request on the JetApp website and you will receive a suitable offer by email as soon as possible. From here, you can choose your favourite option and book the flight.

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