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Travel by Private Jet to Switzerland

Switzerland – one of the most affluent nations in the world – is an ideal destination for international business, owing to its multilingual society and central location in Europe. For this reason, the economic hubs of Zurich and Geneva draw the attention of large corporations and business executives from across the world. Whether you’re coming from abroad or you require a charter flight from Switzerland, a private jet will get you to your next meeting quickly and comfortably.

Save Precious Time with a Charter Flight to Switzerland

A glance at the top charter flight connections in Switzerland reveals how strongly the country is linked with the most crucial business hubs in Europe. If, for instance, you work in London or Paris and you have important meetings in Geneva scheduled for the afternoon, chartering a private jet to Switzerland will get you there quickly. The same applies for the return journey; from Geneva Cointrin, you can travel direct to Paris Le Bourget (LFPB / LBG) or London Farnborough (EGLF / FAB) efficiently and without any inconvenient delays. Similarly, you can arrange a private jet charter within Switzerland if you need to commute between Zurich and Geneva, for example. This way, you can cross Switzerland in a mere 40 minutes.

By arranging a charter flight to Switzerland from your chosen airport online, you need only to arrive shortly before your flight. The check-in and security process are both swift, without any lengthy delays or inconveniences, so you’ll be ready for take-off in no time at all. Once on board your private jet, you benefit from a luxuriously relaxed environment – ideal for meeting preparation or simply unwinding. Additionally, there is no risk of missing your flight; it is tailored to your personal schedule and will not take off until you are on board. There is simply no more efficient or more comfortable way to travel to or from Switzerland. Here are the advantages in a nutshell:

  • Time flexibility: the flight times are entirely up to you
  • No waiting: for check-in, luggage drop, and boarding
  • Location flexibility: with a private jet, you are not dependent on large airports – you have access to small private airports close to city destinations
  • Privacy: the only other passengers on your private jet to Switzerland are the ones you personally choose to bring
  • First class catering: a far cry from standard plane food – your charter flight comes with the exquisite quality of catering you’d expect from a bespoke service

Private Jet Charter to Switzerland: Your Ticket to Discovery

Beyond its professional and business credentials, Switzerland is also internationally renowned as a superb holiday destination. Zurich, Geneva, and Basel, in particular, are hard to beat in terms of the quality of life and a vibrant multicultural atmosphere. From art, culture and architecture, to shopping boutiques and a beautiful surrounding countryside, Switzerland’s cities are uniquely charming and appeal to both lovers of luxury and nature. The art exhibitions in Switzerland’s cities, such as Art Basel, attract countless art lovers from across the world on an annual basis.

When you take a charter flight to Switzerland there’s plenty more besides city destinations on offer. The Bernese Highlands, Valais and Engadin regions of the Swiss Alps offer stunning vistas and hiking trails. The many picturesque lakes are also well worth visiting – Lake Geneva, in particular. Switzerland comprises four harmoniously co-existing languages and cultural areas – French, German, Italian, and Romansh – all of which are worth exploring. With so much diversity across the country it can be difficult to decide where to visit, but when you hire a private jet in Switzerland there’s no need to compromise. This way, you can shop in Zurich in the morning, and relax at Lake Geneva by the afternoon.

Airports for Private Jets in Switzerland

Zurich and Geneva are the focal points of international business relations in Switzerland. The cities are home to some of the most iconic companies in the finance and luxury sectors, as well as a variety of international humanitarian organisations and other NGOs. Because of this, Geneva Cointrin and Zurich Airports are the most frequent destinations for charter flights to Switzerland. The third most popular Swiss destination, Basel Mulhouse Airport, actually lies six kilometres over the French border. It is the only airport in the world to be operated by two nation states.

In addition, there are eleven regional airports in Switzerland, including Bern Belp, St. Gallen Altenrhein near Lake Constance, Sion in the South, and Lugano on the Italian border. There are a further 44 airfields and five military airbases fit for civilian use, which extend your options for take-off and landing with your private jet in Switzerland.

The most popular airports for charter flights in Switzerland


Airports in Switzerland

  • Geneva
  • Zurich
  • Basel Mulhouse
  • Bern-Belp
  • St. Gallen
  • Sion
  • Lugano
  • Samedan

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