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Your Charter Flight to Italy: La Dolce Vita above the Clouds

With its range of easily accessible airports for charter flights, Italy is an ideal destination for a spontaneous city break or weekend away in the country. From the breath-taking Dolomites to the sunny tip of Calabria, Italy is known for its beauty. As the birthplace of the Renaissance and centre of the Roman Empire, Italy is steeped in culture and history, all of which is just a short private flight away. Whether for a long weekend on the shores of Sardinia or a romantic getaway in Venice, treat yourself to the height of luxury and travel to Italy by charter flight.

Advantages of Hiring a Private Jet to Italy

From Naples to Venice, JetApp offers uncomplicated charter hire for private jets to all major Italian cities. Whatever the occasion or commitment, charter flights to Italy offer a level of luxury and flexibility that simply cannot be matched by scheduled flights. Whether travelling to an early-morning business meeting in Milan or a night at the opera in Rome, private jets can be hired around the clock. Spare yourself the stress and discomfort of check-in and boarding with a commercial airline and take a business flight instead. The advantages speak for themselves:

  • Flexible Departures: You choose when your flight leaves. The private jet will take off only once you’re settled on board.
  • Direct Connections: No stopovers or waiting times. Your private flight to Italy will take you direct to your chosen destination.
  • Flexible Landing Options: Private jets can land on smaller airfields than standard commercial airliners, so you don’t have to rely on major airports and have a wider choice of destinations.
  • Peace and Quiet: You can be sure only you and your chosen guests will be on board the charter flight. You can relax and prepare undisturbed for any upcoming meetings or engagements.
  • Premium Comfort: On your private jet, you can enjoy excellent in-flight service as you fly to Italy. The meal options on-board are tailored to your personal preferences and the crew will be at your disposal at all times.

Travel in luxury and comfort with a charter flight to Italy. Our guests leave the stresses and frustrations of airline travel behind them. We offer the utmost comfort with space to work or to simply relax and enjoy the flight to Italy. For those with meetings in different places in a short space of time, a business jet to Italy is an unsurpassable alternative to ordinary travel.

Ten Best Private Jet Connections in Italy

Below, we’ve listed the ten most popular charter flight destinations in Italy. Need to arrive in Milan for an appointment at the Linate Airport and be back in Rome by the afternoon? Or putting the summer holiday in Sardinia on hold for an urgent business meeting? No problem - the right business jet is always available at the Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport. Additionally, there are regular routes from France and Switzerland, a particular boon for businesses with interests across central Europe.

Private Jets to Italy – Enjoy the High Life

Beautiful beaches, historic cities, perfect weather, friendly locals, and, of course, excellent food – Italy is one of the world’s most popular holiday destinations for several reasons. With a charter flight to Italy, one can avoid the hassle and frenzy of modern day tourism and enjoy the utmost comfort, unthinkable in commercial flights. The holiday starts on board.

Sardinia entices with its soothing beaches, Venice with its romantic canals, Rome boasts the Colosseum and Milan exhibits Gucci, Prada, and Dolce & Gabbana. Italy truly has something for every taste and every traveller. With the luxury of a charter flight, there’s no need to compromise; all that Italy has to offer is within reach. In practically every major city, there’s an airport that services private jets.

The Airports Most Often Used for Charter Flights in Italy

Fashion, art, and culture – Milan-Linate Airport is the number one destination for charter flights in Italy. The fashion capital of the world and the focal point of Italy’s economy, Milan is home to both the textile industry and the Italian car manufacturing industry. In April every year, the Milan Furniture Fair – the largest trade fair of its kind in the world – takes place.

If not Milan, then Rome. The Eternal City is not just rich in world-historical tourist destinations like the St. Peter’s Basilica or Vatican City, it’s also home to many government bodies, global organisations, and major businesses. After the hustle and bustle of the capital, Sardinia’s Costa Smeralda offers some respite right on the Mediterranean. This stunning coastal area attracts yachts from all over the world with its emerald green water and beautiful scenery.

Whether for business or for pleasure, make the most of your journey and travel in comfort and style on a private jet. With centres of business & trade and colourful cities like Venice, Florence, and Verona, Italy is worth a trip on a chartered flight.

Booking Flights to Italy with JetApp

Interested in a charter jet flight to Italy? JetApp makes it easy for you to travel in absolute security and comfort. Simply enter your flight request into the search engine and choose between two booking models: Classic or Direct.

Should you opt for the ‘Classic’ booking model, we will send you the offers that match your request within two hours with specific aircrafts at different prices, and you can then choose which option best corresponds to your requirements. If you choose the ‘Direct’ model, you’ll be shown the jets booked for your flight, as well as an aircraft category with a fixed price. With our straightforward app, the booking of a charter flight – to or from Italy - can be completed in a single session.


Airports in Italy

  • Milan Linate
  • Rome Ciampino
  • Olbia
  • Naples
  • Venice
  • Florence
  • Pisa
  • Milan Malpensa
  • Turin
  • Bologna
  • Genoa
  • Verona
  • Albenga
  • Orio al Serio
  • Bolzano
  • Cagliari
  • Catania
  • Palermo
  • Rimini

Top Connections

  • Milan Linate - Rome Ciampino
  • Rome Ciampino - Milan Linate
  • Milan Linate - Paris Le Bourget
  • Paris Le Bourget - Milan Linate
  • Nice - Milan Linate
  • Milan Linate - Geneva
  • Geneva - Milan Linate
  • Milan Linate - Nice
  • Olbia - Nice
  • Nice - Olbia
  • Rome - Heraklion
  • Eindhoven - Milan Linate
  • Umea - Nice
  • Rome Ciampino - St Petersburg
  • Milan Linate - Prague