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Your Personal Charter Flight: Flexible Travel, Relaxed Arrival

Time is money – this is the case for businesspeople who travel regularly with commercial airlines. They are often confronted with long waiting times, unfavourable connecting flights or cancelled flights. With charter flights – private flights tailored to your needs – this is a thing of the past. How does it function? It’s simple!

For those who are required to go abroad at short notice, or those with meetings in various places, JetApp offers you the possibility to book your own charter plane. You decide on your own flight time according to your schedule by simply specifying the departure time and the destination. You arrive at the airport shortly before your flight, work your way through a speedy check-in, and hop on board. The flight starts as scheduled and delivers you right on time for your next appointment after an efficient and relaxed journey. First class comfort, enough freedom of movement and excellent catering services are included in private charter flights. The perfect conditions to prepare yourself for your upcoming meeting.

In addition to the obvious time saving, the location flexibility is an excellent advantage to private charter flights; unlike the commercial airlines, charter jets can land in some of the smaller city airports, making your journey by taxi or limousine even shorter.

The Top Private Jet Airports in Europe

A quick glance at the European airports that are most often used for charter flights (as of 2016) proves that private charter jets are mostly used for business travel. Professionals who travel between the metropolises of London, Paris, Zurich, Geneva and Moscow appreciate the efficiency and comfort of private charter flights.

  1. Paris Le Bourget
  2. Nizza Côte d’Azur
  3. Geneva Airport
  4. London Luton
  5. London Farnborough
  6. Zurich Airport
  7. Milan Linate
  8. Moscow Vnukovo
  9. Rome Ciampino
  10. Vienna Schwechat

Those living outside of the city could also benefit from a private plane charter, as small planes can depart and land easily on a variety of airfields, whereas conventional planes cannot. Some aircrafts don’t even need asphalt soil but can take off and land on gravel, grass or sand. You therefore have direct access from any small town to the important business locations – regardless if you live in the likes of Brighton or Manchester.

Escape the Hustle and Bustle with a Jet Charter

A spontaneous flight to Côte d’Azur? A romantic weekend in Paris? Or perhaps a shopping trip to Milan or London? With private aircraft charters you can enjoy travelling the world your way: with flexibility and minimal time spent travelling. On such a journey, the pleasure begins on the plane. All you have to do is sit back and relax in the comfortable seats, as you avoid lengthy security checks, check-ins, and baggage claim at the airport. With chartered jet hire, you can rest assured that the plane will not leave without you.

On board the charter flight, you can expect to enjoy the peace, privacy and freedom of flying privately, as well as the excellent catering service. This is your time – here you can recover from the hustle and bustle of everything on the ground. You land relaxed at your destination and depart just as easily and quickly as when you boarded. You couldn’t ask for a more easy-going start to the trip.

Charter Flights: The Cost Analysis

Despite popular belief, a charter private jet is not just something for the super-rich or prominent figures. More and more international corporations and medium-sized companies in the UK are turning to charter flights in order to organise business trips as efficiently as possible. The cost of hiring a charter plane is not necessarily higher than that of a commercial flight.

Consider the following scenario: numerous colleagues from your company are attending a business meeting in a place where there is no direct flight. If you book a standard flight with a transfer, this will result in long transfers and waiting times at several different airports – time spent idle and unproductive which will cost you valuable working hours.

In addition to this, your employees may have to arrive the evening before in order to be on time for the appointment. If you compare the prices for a chartered plane with that of a commercial flight that takes twice the time, you’ll be convinced that a chartered flight is a sensible and more efficient solution. Your employees will be grateful of the saving on time and comfort.

The Most Popular Charter Flight Connections

Flying for a meeting from Geneva to Paris and want to return on the same day? Spending your holiday at the Côte d’Azur and want to take a quick trip to Paris? The most popular charter flight connections (as of 2016) show you what’s possible with a charter plane. This way, you’ll avoid the chaotic travel times and move swiftly through the airports – like Paris Le Bourget – that usually have a lot of business traffic.

  1. Geneva ✈ Paris Le Bourget
  2. Nice ✈ Paris Le Bourget
  3. Milan Linate ✈ Rome Ciampino
  4. Nice ✈ Geneva
  5. Nice ✈ Moscow Vnukovo

Charter Flights with JetApp: How it Works

Whether for business or leisure, JetApp makes it easy to charter a private jet with maximum security and comfort.
Enter your search query into the form and we’ll send you a suitable offer by email as soon as possible. As a rule, we offer different types of aircraft at different prices, allowing you to book the aircraft that is best suited to your needs.

From Small Planes to Luxury Jets: Which Aircraft Can Be Chartered?

The aircraft categories that are available with JetApp, range from small propeller planes with one or two motors, six seats and reach a speed of 400km/h, to medium-sized Cessnas and large jets by luxury manufacturers such as Gulfstream, Bombardier or Boeing. In addition to this, chartered flights with cargo planes and the corresponding cargo are also possible.

Aside from the desired speed and the number of people, the destination airport is another important factor when choosing which charter plane to use. A plane that can reach up to 1,000km/h is of no use if there is not a sufficiently long runway at the destination, or if there are only sand or gravel roads that the aircraft cannot land on.

With JetApp, you will find a solution that is tailored to both your individual requirements and your appointment calendar.

More popular airports: Faro | Rhodes | Athens | Rotterdam | Istanbul | Malta | Gothenburg | St Petersburg | Prague | Zagreb | Helsinki | Dublin | Kiev | Brussels | Oslo