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Charter a Private Jet in Austria

Austria has a lot to offer: aside from cities like Vienna and Salzburg that are steeped in history, Austria also boasts some breath-taking mountain landscapes. Due to its location in the centre of Europe, private jet rental in Austria is a great starting point for any journey. Most destinations within Europe are easy to reach from Austria with relatively short flight times.

Charter Flights from Austria: Airports and Distances

Flying with a private jet is one of the most exclusive and comfortable ways to travel; it ensures a fast and discreet journey as well as a convenient travel experience both in air and in the airport. There are many airports that allow for private jets in Austria to land and take off there. These include:

Whether travelling with a private aircraft to an important business meeting, or for a city trip, or perhaps even to a wellness or sports holiday, most destinations within and outside of Austria can be reached quickly and easily. The majority of European cities require no more than three hours. The following destinations are valid for direct flights in a private jet from Vienna (Austria), and the flight distances of which are shown below:

  • Berlin (Germany): approx. 524 kilometres
  • Paris (France): approx. 1,034 kilometres
  • London (UK): approx. 1,235 kilometres
  • Rome (Italy): approx. 766 kilometres
  • Madrid (Spain): approx. 1,810 kilometres

Private Jet Charter Austria: Travelling in Comfort

A charter flight offers numerous advantages over a commercial flight. Two of the most important aspects are the flexibility and the time-saving. As opposed to commercial flights, there is no need for fixed departure times. In addition to this, destinations that will normally have a stopover can be reached directly. This results in both a reduced flight time and less time spent at the airport.

Many airports also offer a host of benefits for passengers flying by private jet – this includes many locations in Austria. Ground handling usually takes place at a Business Aviation Terminal, while both check-in and security checks are carried out separately from other passengers. In some cases, passengers can simply drive directly to the runway – this allows for the process to be carried out with ultimate discretion. There will also be additional services offered to passengers, crew members and the aircrafts themselves. These may consist of the following:

  • VIP lounges for passengers
  • Crew lounges
  • Conference rooms
  • Transfer to and from the airport
  • Baggage maintenance and loading
  • Hangaring
  • Aircraft cleaning service
  • Heliport entry

Prices for Private Jet Hire Austria

The prices for private jets to and from Austria tend to vary. Aside from the flight of the aircraft itself, there are costs like depreciation, maintenance and insurance as well as fuel, handling, crew, airway and airport charges. The prices are usually higher than traveling first class on a commercial flight, but they do offer a far higher level of comfort.

Discover and Explore: Charter a Private Jet to Austria

Even on the flight to Austria, the landing approach alone is spectacular. With just one glance out of the window, you can see the stunning Alps with their snowy peaks all year round. Due to the country’s modest size, domestic flights are pleasantly short and also allow for a stunning view of the mountains. For example: the flight from the eastern capital Vienna to Innsbruck in the West lasts only 55 minutes, while the journey from Vienna to Graz can take just 35 minutes.

A visit to Austria is worth it all year round. At the beginning of each year ball season takes place – during which, you can see Austria in all its glory. In Vienna alone there are more than 200 balls held in magnificent halls. The most famous is the Vienna Opera Ball. For a suitable evening gown, you could browse the various exclusive boutiques located between Kohlmarkt and Kärtner Straße. Perhaps for a souvenir or a reminder of your stay, you can visit the Vienna Dorotheum, which is one of the world’s oldest and most important auction houses. For classical music fans, Mozart’s hometown of Salzburg is an absolute must. Every summer in Salzburg you can find the Salzburger Festspiele, the international festival for classical music and art, the year-round “Jedermann” on the Domplatz is to be particularly recommended.

An onward journey from Vienna, or in fact, any of the Austrian airports, can often be particularly comfortable by helicopter. This way, you can easily reach all the exclusive ski areas in the Austrian Alps. Kitzbühel is one of the most popular and exclusive ski resorts in Austria. Enjoy skiing down the Kitzbüheler Horn or perhaps watch the professionals partake in the Hahnenkammrennen race. Stay the night in the Hotel Stanglwirt or in one of the many luxury chalets. Just as fashionable is the Lech ski resort in the Austrian province of Vorarlberg. The particular charm of this area is found in the smaller family-run hotels that promise a discreet stay. Both ski areas are also worth a visit in the summer; aside from the ski season, there’s some great golfing to be enjoyed here. Perhaps try testing your skills at the Arlberg Classic Golf Cup or at the Kitzbühel Golf Festival!

Interested in hiring a private jet in Austria to explore this magnificent country? Or perhaps you’re looking for a private flight from Austria to another destination? JetApp offers a whole host of possibilities. Simply choose your aircraft and your departure and arrival airport. Travel individually according to your expectations and requirements.


Airports in Austria

  • Graz
  • Innsbruck
  • Klagenfurt
  • Linz
  • Salzburg
  • Vienna

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