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Graz Airport (GRZ) is the oldest and fourth largest airport in Austria. In addition to the surrounding region’s rich history and the airport’s excellent connections to national and international airports, Graz Airport offers a range of exclusive services for private jet passengers.

The History of Graz Thalerhof Airport

Graz Airport was first built in 1913, when the Austro-Hungarian Empire set up a grass air field for military flights. The first aircraft took off from the air field on 26 June 1914.

In the decades after the First World War, Graz Airport was expanded to accommodate larger aircraft. When the airport resumed regular operations after the Second World War, the number of passengers rose rapidly. From 1962 to 1969, the number of flights to Graz quadrupled. As a result of this business boom, much expansion work had to take place in order to maintain the airport’s functional capacity.

In 2000, Graz Thalerhof Airport’s roster of possible destinations dramatically increased. In order to service long haul flights, a modern control tower and a new departure hall were built. These further expansions nearly doubled the airport’s capacity from pre-2000 numbers. The airport is also home to the Österreichische Luftfahrtmuseum (Austrian Aviation Museum); a reminder of the airport’s eventful history.

The airport itself is built on land that was once home to one of the largest and most luxurious Roman villas in central Europe. Built almost 1800 year ago, Villa Thalerhof was a huge, sprawling construction, consisting of 80 rooms made of stucco, including saunas, complex mosaics, and even an underground heating system.

Location of Graz Airport

Distances from Graz Airport to:

  • Graz city centre: approx. 10 kilometres by car
  • Graz art gallery: approx. 10 kilometres by car
  • South Styrian wine street: approx. 40 kilometres by car

If you arrive in GRZ Airport on a business flight or book a charter flight from Graz, you can travel to your destination in comfort with a limousine. If you prefer to be even more flexible, there are also numerous taxis available at the airport, which will take you to your destination – for example, to the city centre of Graz within 15 minutes.

Book a Private Jet to Graz and Experience Southern Austria

Visitors to Graz can enjoy a rich selection of cultural attractions and culinary delights. Graz art gallery, which has been a cultural landmark of the city since its establishment, allows visitors to view exhibitions of contemporary art, whilst the Schloßberg offers a breath-taking view over the old town of Graz. If you would like to enjoy some fine dining after your flight to Graz, a visit to one of the numerous Gault Millau gourmet restaurants is certainly worthwhile.

Owing to its central location, Graz is well-connected to a range of continental European destinations. The following destinations are especially popular with private jet passengers from Graz Airport:

Numerous Austrian and European cities can be reached from Graz Airport in under one hour. Flights from Graz to Vienna take just under 40 minutes, while it takes 45 minutes to reach Salzburg, and Innsbruck can be reached on a business flight from Graz (IATA-Code "GRZ") in just 50 minutes. Flight time to Munich is also about 50 minutes. With JetApp, each of these trips can be booked easily and quickly.

Special Features of Graz Airport

The airport offers a range of comfortable services for passengers with high demands who book charter flights to or from Graz. A modern and cosy VIP lounge ensures any waiting times will be as pleasant as possible – whether you want to work, relax or enjoy some food and drink.

Passengers who arrive in Graz on a charted private or business flight, can also access the airport’s exclusive VIP service. From personal pick-up at the aircraft via separate security, to the individual support of media representatives, the professional and discreet service staff leave no wish unfulfilled.

Charter Flights to Graz – Travel with Nature in Mind

Graz Airport’s operators have placed a premium on minimising the airport’s carbon footprint and as such the airport has run an Ökoprofit (eco-profit) cooperation project for the past 15 years. As part of their measures to reduce the airport’s environmental impact, the operators exchanged old metal vapour lamps, for example, for energy-efficient LEDs. In addition, several e-filling stations have been installed in the parking areas of the airport and an environmental round table takes place twice a year with local residents and nature conservation associations.

Take-off and landing runways at Graz Airport

Runway Length and width Surface
17C/35C 3,000 m x 45 m Asphalt
17R/35L 760 m x 25 m Grass
17L/35R 640 m x 30 m Grass

Book your business or private jet to or from Graz with JetApp, according to your individual wishes and expectations. Simply choose the desired travel time and your destinations and let JetApp take care of the rest.

Airport Facts

  • Airport code: LOWG / GRZ
  • Altitude: 340 m (1115 ft) above MSL
  • Aircraft movements: approx. 15,000 per year
  • Aircraft types: all common aircraft and weight classes
  • Runway operating hours: 6am to 11:30pm
  • Runways: 3 (3000 m x 45 m, 760 m x 25 m, 640 m x 30 m)

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