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Charter a Private Jet to Oslo

Located just 50 kilometres outside the city, Oslo OSL Airport is Norway’s largest airport. It features two runways for landing and take-off, and offers an exclusive VIP service at the airport – ideal for private jet passengers looking for comfortable and discreet travel.

Oslo Airport Overview

Formerly known as Oslo Fornebu Airport, the international airport is now used for military and civilian aviation. After opening in 1912, the airport served as the Royal Norwegian Air Force’s primary airfield for several decades. The increased number of flights in the early 90’s quickly exceeded the capacity of the then Oslo Fornebu Airport, and so Oslo Gardermoen replaced it with a civilian check-in area. The grand reopening took place in 1998. Today, Oslo Airport is known as one of the most modern and reliable airports in Europe: in 2007 airport authorities introduced the world’s first ever customs duty payment machine, allowing passengers to declare and pay duty on goods themselves. The Association of European Airlines has recognised the airport as the most punctual airport in Europe four times. Previously known as Oslo Gardemoen Airport, it officially became known as Oslo Airport in 2013,.

Location of Oslo OSL Airport

Distances from Oslo Airport to:

  • Oslo city centre: approx. 52 kilometres by car
  • Karl Johans gate: approx. 54 kilometres by car
  • Oslo Spektrum: approx. 48 kilometres by car

Charter Flights from Oslo Aiport

Oslo Gardemoen Airport is the biggest and most important airport in greater Oslo. It’s located just 50 kilometres outside of the city and offers good transport options, allowing for a short transfer time. The airport is ideally suited as a starting point for charter flights within Norway and there are many popular European destinations that are just a short flight from OSL:

Oslo Airport is a popular hub for flights within Scandinavia and intercontinental flights.

Private flights from Oslo to Trondheim (TRD) take up to 55 minutes. From there, Trondheim’s city centre is 35 kilometres away and takes about 40 minutes to reach by car. For a comfortable transfer, consider using a rental car or a shuttle service. The flight from Oslo to Bergen (BGO) usually takes about 55 minutes. The old airport terminal deals exclusively with helicopter services, allowing passengers to reach the surrounding countryside very swiftly and comfortably. A charter flight from Oslo to Stavanger (SVG) takes approximately 55 minutes. From here, the city is just 15 kilometres away and can be reached in 20 minutes. For the islands around the urban area, the transfer distance is a little larger. A private jet from Oslo to Tromso (TOS) takes about 1 hour 50 minutes. Located north of the Arctic Circle, the airport is just five kilometres from the centre and the transfer is extremely short. Other towns in Troms County Municipality can be reached by helicopter in no time. Flying from Oslo to Ålesund (AES), on the island of Vigra, should only take 55 minutes. Ålesund Airport is the ideal connecting airport to travel to all the small, neighbouring islands in the area. Ålesund city can be reached by car via the islands Valderøya and Elllingsøya, but for a quicker transfer, travel by helicopter.

Oslo Airport recorded more than 242,000 flight movements in 2015. With more than 25.5 million passengers (2016) per year, the airport is ranked nineteenth in the European airports list and is the second-most important airport in Scandinavia, after Copenhagen Kastrup (EKCH / CPH). There’s a private VIP terminal exclusively for private jet passengers; here you can find private lounges that ensure a comfortable journey for both business executives and private passengers. The VIP service also offers the following:

  • Fully equipped conference room for up to 10 people
  • Private check-in and security check
  • Private transport from the terminal to the gate
  • Service provided by a special VIP team
  • Special meals can be reserved beforehand

Tthe art exhibition is a special highlight of the VIP terminal, displaying works by Norwegian artists depicting the country. The exhibition is based on a cooperation between the airport and various galleries, museums, and private collectors. Passengers on a private Oslo flight can either drive right up to the terminal entrance or park in one of the nearby car parks. The VIP terminal is open Mondays to Fridays from 6.30am to 10.30pm, and Saturdays and Sundays from 8am to 10pm.

Oslo Airport has two runways that are suitable for use by all aircraft types and it operates according to both the Visual Flight Rules (VFR) and the Instrumental Flight Rules (IFR):

Runways Length and Width Surface
01R/19L 2,950 m × 45 m Asphalt
01L/19R 3,600 m × 45 m Asphalt

Landing and take-off are possible round the clock, although there is a noise pollution limit between 5pm and 5am. The maximum volume allowed during this period is 78 dB(A).

Transfer from Oslo OSL Airport

The airport is located 50 kilometres from Oslo. The city can be reached in just 25 minutes via the European route E6. At the arrival hall, you can find a taxi service that can make reservations and offers lots of information on all taxi services. Alternatively, there are various rental car options located in the P-Zone P10 on level U2. In case you prefer something more discreet, two helicopter airlines operate from Oslo Airport.

Discover Norway’s Capital with a Private Jet to Oslo

A business flight to Oslo offers travellers the utmost in comfort. There’s a whole host of hotels and restaurants in Oslo that meet the highest of standards. Accommodation with a view of the Oslofjord is particularly recommended, for example: "The Thief", a renowned hotel located in the Tjuvholmen arts district. This district has no shortage of galleries or art installations, and is known for its contrasting architectural styles. A visit to the Astrup Fearnley Museum for modern art comes highly recommended. There is also a large variety of excellent quality restaurants in the Tjuvholmen district. In the city centre, there are plenty of boutiques and fashion houses located on the main street around Karl Johans gate - offering lots of shopping opportunities and a stroll past the various government buildings. The town hall is located just a stone’s throw away; this is the venue where the annual Nobel Peace Prize is awarded. For those travelling to Oslo for business reasons, the Spektrum hall often holds various trade fairs and events.

Hire a private jet to Oslo and explore the Norwegian capital and all it has to offer.

Airport Facts

  • Airport code: ENGM / OSL
  • Altitude: 208 m (682 ft) above MSL
  • Passengers per year: 25,574,607 (2016)
  • Aircraft movements per year: 242,445 (2015)
  • Aircraft types: all common aircraft and weight classes
  • Runway operating hours: 24/7
  • Runways: 2 (3,600 m; 2,950 m)

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