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Your Private Jet to Umea Airport

Umea is the largest city in northern Sweden’s Norrland region and home to its second largest airport after Luleå. Umea has a major university, numerous museums, a well-developed music scene, and is an important port on the Gulf of Bothnia, representing only a few of the reasons why private jet charter to Umea Airport is attractive to both business and leisure travellers.

Umea Airport History

Umea Airport was built in 1961 in the city’s Alvik district with its official inauguration in May 1962. Prior to this, aircraft took off and landed on a grass runway near Nordmaling, about 50 kilometres from the current location. At a mere 5 kilometres, no other airport in Sweden is as close to its city centre as Umea Airport. Since its opening, restructuring and modernisation work has kept the airport up to date. Today Umea Airport welcomes over a million passengers on more than 24,500 flights.

Umea Airport Location:

Distance from Umea Airport to:

  • Umea city centre: approx. 5 kilometres by car
  • Västerbottens Museum: approx. 7 kilometres by car
  • Umedalens Sculpture Park: approx. 11 kilometres by car

Private Jet Hire from Umea Airport: Fly Nonstop to Anywhere in Scandinavia

A private or business flight from Umea Airport means no inconvenient layovers or long queues at check-in or security. You always fly direct and in exceptional comfort with private plane hire. Umea Airport is a particularly popular departure point for connections to numerous Swedish and Scandinavian destinations as well as other cities in Europe. The following flights from Umea are an hour or less:

  • Umea ✈ Luleå (ESPA / LLA): approx. 45 minutes
  • Umea ✈ Östersund (ESNZ / OSD): approx. 50 minutes
  • Umea ✈ Gällivare (ESNG / GEV): approx. 56 minutes
  • Umea ✈ Stockholm Arlanda (ESSA / ARN): approx. 1 hour 3 minutes
  • Umea ✈ Kiruna (ESNQ / KRN): approx. 1 hour

A charter flight from Umea Airport to Luleå (LLA) is about three quarters of an hour. Luleå is home to the northernmost university in Sweden as well as the historic town of Gammelstad, a UNESCO World Heritage site. A charter jet from Umea Airport to Östersund (OSD) is only 50 minutes. The city has many well-preserved historic buildings and its Storsjöyran music festival fills the streets for three days every year. Flights to Gällivare (GEV), home of the popular Dundret ski resort, are only a few minutes longer. Umea flights to Stockholm Arlanda (ARN) are just about an hour, with a further 37 kilometre connection to the city centre. The one hour flight to Kiruna (KRN) represents one of the most unique reasons to hire a private plane from Umea Airport when its world famous ice hotel opens to guests in the winter months.

Passengers of private flights at Umeå Airport enjoy exclusive services. Business travellers can choose from one of four conference rooms accommodating up to 75 people. VIP rooms are also available. Check-in is separate from commercial airline passengers, saving both time and stress. Passengers flying by private jet from Umea Airport can avail themselves of the following services and amenities:

  • Separate check-in
  • VIP rooms
  • Meeting rooms
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Catering
  • Aircraft maintenance
  • Limousine service
  • Helicopter service

UME Airport can be approached by Visual Flight Rules (VFR) as well as Instrumental Flight Rules (IFR). The asphalt runway is 2,302 metres long and can accommodate all aircraft types and weight classes:

Runway Length and width Surface
14/32 2,302 m x 45 m Asphalt

Ground Transfers to and from Umea Airport

Umea Airport is an easy 10 minutes to the city centre by car. In addition to taxi and hire car options, limousine service is available. If travelling to a more remote area, the airport offers a helicopter service as well.

Hire a Private Jet to Umeå and Discover the City of Birches

A charter jet to Umeå is the most enjoyable and convenient means of arriving in Sweden’s beautiful "City of Birches." When fire devastated the town in 1888, birch trees were planted along wide avenues to prevent future fires from spreading. There are now about 3,000 birches in Umeå, giving the city its unique character and nickname. In addition to these beautiful white barked trees, the city’s many parks offer the opportunity to reflect while enjoying the sights and sounds of nature.

In the case of Umedalen Sculpture Park, it also serves as a museum, joining Gammlia Open Air Museum, Bildmuseet (a museum of contemporary art), and "Guitars – the Museum" as the city’s most visited attractions. The latter’s electric guitar collection and other modern music paraphernalia has attracted international renown. The region is also perfect for bicycle tours and winter sports. Annual events include the Umea Jazz Festival as well as the Umea Kulturnatta, Umea Open, and Umefolk music festivals.

Private plane charter to Umea Airport is easy and convenient with JetApp. Continue your adventure to points further north with a private jet from Umea or book a return flight. Simply book your flight online with JetApp and enjoy impeccable service.

Airport Facts

  • Airport code: ESNU / UME
  • Altitude: 7 m (23 ft) above MSL
  • Passengers per year: 1,057,373 (2016)
  • Aircraft movements per year: 24,562 (2016)
  • Aircraft: all common aircraft and weight classes
  • Runway operating hours: 4am to 11pm
  • Runways: 1 (2,302 m)

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