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London Private Jet: Biggin Hill Airport

London Biggin Hill Airport, some 20 kilometres southeast of central London, is home to a large share of charter and private aircraft in the British capital. Whether flying for business or pleasure, Biggin Hill is the ideal airport for those who want to enjoy the privileges of a private jet.

History of Biggin Hill Airport

Biggin Hill Airport – or BQH Airport – was built in Bromley in 1917 and served during the two world wars as an important military base for the Royal Flying Corps and later the Royal Air Force. Between 1929 and 1932, the airport was modernised according to the state of research at that time. For example, a technique was retrofitted that enabled some of the first commercial night time flights in the history of aviation. In the Second World War, the airfield served the military aircraft – Spitfires and Hurricanes in particular – that were involved in the Battle of Britain.

After the London Croydon airport was closed in 1959, London Biggin Hill Airport became a hub for commercial flights to and from the capital. The increasing number of passengers and flights required the construction of another hangar, which is now used by private jets. In 1992, the Royal Air Force finally withdrew and handed over the administration of Biggin Hill Airport to Regional Airports Ltd. Today, the airport mainly services charter airlines, private aviation clubs, and the EFG Flying School.

Biggin Hill Airport Location

Distances from Biggin Hill Airport to:

  • London Centre: approx. 26 kilometres by car
  • Notting Hill: approx. 32 kilometres by car
  • The British Museum: approx. 28 kilometres by car
  • Wimbledon Park: approx. 24 kilometres by car
  • London Golf Club: approx. 29 kilometres by car

London Biggin Hill Private Jet Flights

At Biggin Hill Airport, passengers can enjoy the benefits of a private airport. Unlike other airports, Biggin Hill is almost entirely used by chartered jets, which means that the terminal is uncrowded and spacious. Discretion and privacy are a high priority at BQH Airport, and consequently the airport’s services can be individually tailored to passengers’ needs from check in to take off, ensuring the highest possible customer satisfaction. From Biggin Hill Airport, numerous European cities are within comfortable flying distance. For example, flights by private jet from Biggin Hill Airport can reach the following popular destinations in less than three hours:

Flying from Biggin Hill Airport, passengers can reach Paris Le Bourget (LBG), just outside of the beautiful French capital, in less than an hour and a half. From Le Bourget, the centre of Paris is a mere 7 kilometres away. Flying to the sunnier climate of the Côte d'Azur and takes barely two hours with a charter flight to Nice (NCE). From the jewel on the Mediterranean, it takes only 20 minutes by helicopter to Monaco. For those that want to fly to the Alps, Geneva (GVA) or Zurich (ZRH) can also be reached in less than two hours. Within the British Isles, a private jet from Biggin Hill to the Jersey Island Airport (JER) takes as little as 50 minutes.

As London Biggin Hill Airport has developed specifically to accommodate the needs of private jet passengers, guests at this airport can expect the most exclusive and high-end services. VIP lounges offer passengers a range of culinary delights, all in the utmost comfort and relaxed surroundings. All in all, check-in times are considerably faster than at commercial airports, so passengers can make the most of their time and not waste a minute in queues. The following services are available at Biggin Hill Airport:

  • VIP Lounge and Café
  • Crew Lounges
  • Wi-Fi
  • Hangaring
  • Aircraft Cleaning
  • Aircraft Repairs & Repainting
  • Limousine Service
  • Helicopter Shuttle

With Biggin Hill private jet hire, passengers can travel at their leisure, independent of scheduled departure times. Within the airport’s operating hours, departure and arrival times can be determined entirely by you. Additionally, charter flights from Biggin Hill Airport can be arranged according to Visual Flight Rules (VFR) and Instrumental Flight Rules (IFR), which means complete flexibility when landing. By virtue of its small size, BQH Airport’s two runways are relatively short. However, they can fully accommodate short and medium-range jets, propeller planes, and regional aircraft. The two runways are approximately 182 m (597 ft) above sea level and have asphalt and asphalt/concrete surfaces:

Runway Length and Width Surface
03L/21R 1,802 m x 45 m Asphalt/Concrete
11L/29R 792 m x 45 m Asphalt

Transfers for Private Jet Hire at Biggin Hill

There are various transfer options available at Biggin Hill Airport. With a private helicopter, passengers can reach the centre of London in a mere six minutes. The airport also offers a limousine service. The journey from the airport to central London lasts roughly 50 minutes by car.

Discover London with a private jet to Biggin Hill

With a private jet, Biggin Hill is within easy reaching distance from a variety of European locations. No matter how many times you may have visited before, the metropolis of London always has something new to offer.

Glamorous hotels such as the Castle Hotel Windsor, the Hilton London Bankside or the Sofitel London St. James, offer the height of luxury to the capital’s visitors. In the centre of London, you will find a variety of world famous attractions, including Big Ben, St. Paul's Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, and the London Eye.

For an indulgent yet relaxed shopping experience, why not visit Notting Hill and its countless boutiques and designers. Of course, aside from fashion, London is a city rich in both history and culture and certain attractions are not to be missed. The British Museum and Trafalgar Square, for instance, will delight aficionados of history and British culture. For lovers of modern art, on the other hand, the annual London Art Fair is an absolute must. For those who would like nothing more than to relax and enjoy the Great British outdoors, there are many sprawling public parks in and around London. Additionally, the London Golf Club is a popular destination for visitors to the city.

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Airport Facts

  • Airport code: EGKB / BQH
  • Altitude: 182 m (597 ft) above MSL
  • Aircraft movements per year: 90,000 (2006)
  • Aircrafts: Propeller planes, short and mid-range jets, regional aircraft
  • Terminal opening hours: 6.30am to 11pm (weekdays), 8am to 10pm (weekends/public holidays)
  • Runway operating hours: 6.30am to 9pm (weekdays), 9am to 8pm (weekends/public holidays)
  • Runways: 2 (1,802 m; 792 m)

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